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Humbuckin Pickups

Pete Denahy, John-Luke Shelley

Shaggy Soundlords, LNC Band, Bucklesn'Lace Bootscooters

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4 Piece Band

Humbuckin Pickups


The Humbuckin Pickups Press Photo_Landscape_01.jpg

The Humbuckin' Pickups are a four-piece folk band hailing from Victoria, Australia. With their distinctive string accompaniment and four-part harmony, the band's love of storytelling through music is evident in their live performances and their recorded works.


Their newly released third album "Just Like Winter" is filled with imagery of rural and regional Australia, and showcases their dextrous musicianship and high-energy performance.


Winners of the 2021 Troubadour Foundation Award and the Maldon Minstrel, The Humbuckin' Pickups have been praised for their authentic folk sound, rich production, and melodically strong songwriting. With guitars, dobros, banjos, double bass, and mandolins, The Humbuckin' Pickups' live performances are a joyous experience filled with humour, raw and heartfelt treatment of their songs, and flawless vocal harmonies.


Festival-goers can expect to be drawn in by the band's love of storytelling through music and leave feeling energized and uplifted.

"The best band no-one has heard of"

 Andrew Pattison (The Troubadour Foundation) 

5 Piece Band

Shaggy Soundlords


Shaggy Soundlords
The Shaggy Sound Lords

The Shaggy Sound Lords

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The Shaggy Sound Lords are a five- piece Melbourne based Rock Band covering a broad range of OZ Rock and British Rock including bands Like the Beatles, Angels, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Status Quo, Hush, Russel morris, Bad Company and ZZ Top.Incorporating hits from all these popular bands and keeping the crowd on the dance floor all night long.

Singer Songwriter & Guitarist

Pete Denahy



Five-time Golden Guitar winner Pete Denahy incorporates knee-slapping comedy, catchy tunes, and good old-fashioned all around fun entertainment.


When Pete Denahy talks about his his own show, he says, “It not rocket science; I’m not the best singer, fiddle player or guitar picker in the world, but as far as I know, no one else is doing my show.”

Which is true; there isn’t another show like it. He takes you an a journey that travels from the gold rush days of the mid 19h century to buying toilet paper at your local supermarket. It’s perhaps not a show formula many managers would suggest their acts follow, but it seems to work for Pete.

He blends fiddle tunes, bluegrass style original songs and madcap comedy to provide the audience with an escape from reality most of them feel is worth their while.

Pete cut his teeth with the Ploughboys in Melbourne in the mid 90’s and went on to tour as fiddle player and comic with Slim Dusty, Sara Storer and Troy Cassar Daley in the early 2000’s before focusing on his solo career.

"There's no performance like a Pete Denahy performance"

NQ's Rockn' Country